Washington Post Reporter Cries Wolf Over White House Access

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claimed his 2 year old White House press pass was being revoked because he is a staunch “Trump critic.” Milbank published a column in The Washington Post claiming his credentials had been striped. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders pushed back against his claim stating, “No one’s access is being limited.”

Milbank’s confusion comes after the White House implemented new rules regarding the number of reporters who are granted hard passes. The new “50% rule” allows a reporter and camera crew to enter White House grounds without going to the process of having to request permission daily. 

Under the new rule, which was implemented in the last few weeks but was announced in March, media covering the White House can have their hard passes renewed if they have entered the premises at least 50 percent of the time in the 180 days prior to renewal. 

Sanders cited security concerns as the reason behind the new rules, and not an effort to limit access for journalists covering the administration.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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