Time Reporter Caught Tweeting Fake Trump Quote

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While conservatives are being kicked off of social media platforms left and right, the left continues to put out fake news everywhere with ZERO consequences.

Ian Bremmer likes to play loose and free with the truth and when he’s called out on his fake news he doubles down.

Somehow, Bremmer thought it was ok to tweet out a fake Trump quote that took off like wildfire before it could be smothered and put out.

Bremmer tweeted: “President Trump in Tokyo: “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.”

Bremmer’s tweet appears to have been deleted

The crazy thing is that when Bremmer was called out on it, he claimed it could be “plausible”…HUH? BUT IT’S NOT TRUE!

President Trump NEVER said that!

The left jumped right on the tweet…they ate it up! Fake Republican Ana Navarro bought into it so you know many more did as well. This is the second fake news item to hit President Trump in just 48 hours! Fox News had to apologize after they falsely claimed that President Trump tweeted out a “doctored” video of Nancy Pelosi…The video he tweeted out was NOT doctored but was from Fox Business.

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