Surge of African Migrants At Mexico/Guatemala Border Thwarted by National Guard

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The huge influx of African migrants trying to get to the US border is the strongest indicator that our immigration system has collapsed.

Because of our asylum laws, people from all over the world are trying to work our system by claiming asylum knowing they will be released into the interior of the US. They just need to claim “credible fear” of their own country. The problem is that they went through several countries before they got to our border. Why not claim asylum in Guatemala or Mexico? The truth is that the US has become a global magnet for third world migrants because the word is out that we let people into the US and then they just need to promise to come back for their asylum hearing. Laughable to anyone trying to make it into the US because they just never show up for their hearing. The US is also known for its generous freebies compliments of the taxpayers.

Democrats have refused to change this asylum loophole because they want this influx of new voters. Republicans with the Chamber of Commerce want these for cheap labor. This is why President Trump isn’t liked by either party because he’s exposed the real agenda of these anti-American politicians.

The move by President Trump to threaten tariffs on Mexico worked because these African migrants are being stopped at the Guatemala/Mexico border now.

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