Chuck Schumer Was Caught With Weinstein Donations and Now Money From Epstein

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught taking financial donations from accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and now he’s scrambling to giving the money away to ‘worth causes,” just like he did when he was caught taking donations from Harvey Weinstein.

According to the New York Post, Federal Election Commission records show that Senator Schumer received seven $1,000 donations from Jeefrey Epstein between the years of 1992 and 1997. The first donations came when he was a US congressman from New York. Later donations poured in during his winning run for the New York senate seat in 1998.

Harvey Weinstein contributed at least $14,200 to Schumer starting in 1993, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. He and six other democrats vowed to donate the funds to various charities when Weinstein was disgraced by a massive sex scandal in 2017. Schumer ended up donating the funds to several charities that support women.

In all, Schumer and and affiliated groups received about $22,000 in combined donations from Weinstein and Epstein.

In a statement made by Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro, he said;

While these campaign accounts closed about 20 years ago, and even then the campaign never controlled the two political action committees (PACs), Senator Schumer is donating an equal sum to anti-sex trafficking and anti-violence against women groups.

The extent of Chuck Schumer’s dealings with Jeffrey Epstein remains unclear.

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