Kamala Harris Sneakily Diverts Students For Trump Website to Her Own Page

Students For Trump is an actual organization with a vibrant social media following on both Facebook and Twitter. Their Facebook page boasts over 66,000 members with more than double that on Twitter. The group describe themselves as:

a student-led movement fueled by freedom on hundreds of high school and college campuses across America.

The group is part of Turning Point USA a conservative non-profit organization that aims to build conservative support on college campuses. Their official website is www.trumpstudents.org.

But many in the organization, and certainly outside of it might think that the website studentsfortrump.com would lead to this group of young conservatives. That is not the case at all. In fact, if you follow the link for studentsfortrump.com you arrive at a website dedicated to Kamala Harris, the democrat senator from California who is running for president.

The studentsfortrump.com URL redirects you to the URL https://kamalaharris.org/issue/debt-free-college-and-student-debt/ , the section of Harris’ website that discusses free college and student debt. The bottom of the web page has a section for taking donations from Harris’ campaign. The web page is very educational and the young woman who discovered the shifty tactic has a message for Kamala Harris:

Thank you for redirecting the Students For Trump to your page because it just gave me clarification of why I will never vote for your or any other democrat with that same platform.

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