House Quietly Passes Removal of Green Card Country Cap for H-1B Visa Holders

High tech workers from India and other countries are set to benefit from the House’s passage of a bill removing caps on green cards for current H-1B Visa holders. This could impact some 300,000 non-citizen employees currently holding U.S. work visas who would find it much easier to procure green cards if the new bill is signed into law. Currently, the wait to get a green card can be up to 10 years.

Breitbart reports that at least 108 Republicans have co-sponsored the “green card giveaway”, called HR.1044 or the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019,” even though the bill is backed by Silicon Valley companies that hold disdain for the GOP.

Democrats also kept the legislation secret, banking on distractions from the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein to prevent anyone noticing. Proponents of the bill even used a fast-track process which required only 290 votes to pass a bill without hearing and amendments.

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested on Sex Trafficking Charges

According to Breitbart the bill is being backed by the immigration lawyer who helped Democratic Sen Chuck Schumer write the disastrous “Gang of Eight” amnesty in 2013.

The Center For Immigration Studies stated:

The bill would reward the employers who literally replaced American workers with hundreds of thousands of low cost and less skilled contract workers who entered on temporary visas (mainly H-1Bs), often working in the tech sector.

These employers are mainly Big Tech and foreign outsourcing companies. They’re exactly what companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook are looking for. Employees with more loyalty to their company of origin than to the U.S. are just the types of worker that will back the politcally biased tactics being implemented by many tech giants in Silicon Valley.

Googles Objective To Influence Elections

Neil Munro reports:

Each year, roughly 800,000 young Americans graduate from college with skilled degrees in healthcare, engineering, software, science, math, architecture, business, or design. The degrees allow them to ask for good wages in the nation’s free market for labor. But Congress damages Americans’ salaries and careers by allowing companies to import a supposedly temporary workforce of roughly 1.2 million foreign college-graduate contract-workers, many of whom are from India.

The bill will still have to pass the house and be signed by the president in order to take full effect.

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