Argument Breaks Out in Rose Garden Between Press Corps and Social Media Summit Attendees

A brawl broke out in the Rose Garden Thursday after President Trump’s former deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka and other conservative media personalities got into a heated argument with Playboy reporter Brian Karem following the president’s press conference on the controversial census citizenship question.

Notable conservative media personalities who attended the White House Social Media Summit Thursday – including James O’Keefe, Mark Dice, and Joy Villa – were invited to the Rose Garden for the announcement. Karem, seemingly incensed by their presence, sparked a fight with Gorka after openly remarking that the group of conservatives were “eager for demonic possession,” triggering laughs from nearby counterparts.

“And you’re a journalist, right,” Gorka shouted from afar.

“Hey– come on over here and talk to me brother. We can go outside and have a long conversation,” Karem said.

“You’re threatening me now in the White House – in the Rose Garden, threatening me in the Rose Garden,” Gorka said as he approached Karem.

“You’re a punk. You’re not a journalist. You’re a punk!” Gorka said to Karem’s face.

“Go home. Go home. Hey Gorka– get a job!” Karem snapped.

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