Pedophile Who Raped Hundreds of Children Stabbed to Death in Prison

British pedophile Richard Huckle, who may have raped as many as 200 minors in Malaysia, was strangled and stabbed to death in prison authorities have reported. Originally found guilty for 71 counts of crimes against children. Authorities noted that between 2006 to 2014, while working in Malaysia, Huckle raped and abused children ranging in age from six months to 12 years of age. Huckle groomed the children by posing as a Christian teacher and philanthropist.

Huckle was housed at the Full Sutton Prison where he was serving 22 life sentences for his heinous crimes. He was 33 at the time of his death.

British investigator found over 22,000 explicit images of child pornography and other indecent images. Over 1,100 images were of Huckle himself raping and abusing young children. They also discovered a ‘how to’ manual to help other pedophiles abuse children and evade discovery.

Authorities note that with his death, may die any hope of gaining access to his several other computer files which they suspect hold information on his victims as well as other perpetrators.

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