Julian Assange Denied Delay of Extradition Hearings Set For February 2020

Source: AP

Protesters gathered outside the Westminster Magistrate court as Julian Assange appeared before the court to hear the results of his request for delay of extradition hearings.

Assange appeared disoriented and struggled to state his name and birth date to the court. Assange said he has had no access to a computer while behind bars and is “in fear of my life”, adding “I can’t think properly.”

The 48-year old whistleblower is fighting extradition to the United States where he will answer to claims that he was responsible for the 2010 hacking and leaking classified documents and publishing them on the Wikileaks website. 

According to the Evening Standard,

Assange says he is the victim of a politically-driven campaign by the Trump administration against journalists and whistleblowers, and claims his privileged discussions with lawyers have been spied on by the US. 

Assange’s attorney, Mark Summers, requested a delay in extradition hearings citing the need for more time to collect evidence and prepare his case. He stated that there is an ongoing court case in Spain where allegedly US Government Agents are accused of wiretapping Assange’s communications with his attorney’s from within the Ecuadorian Embassy where Assange was living prior to his arrest.

Attorney’s for the U.S. opposed the delay and the presiding judge denied the request.

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