“Deep State Target” May Run for Congress in California’s 25th District after Katie Hill Resigns

George Papadoupolos, the former member of the Foreign Policy advisory panel for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, was imprisoned for getting the date he met Joseph Mifsud wrong. Mifsud was mistakenly labeled a Russian spy by Robert Mueller during the investigation into the Steele Dossier. In the months after the Mueller Report was released it has become increasing clear that Joseph Mifsud was likely working as a U.S. intelligence asset. He was interviewed by the Mueller team and then released, which would seem normal for a U.S. asset, but should have never happened if he truly were a Russian spy. Mifsud is now in hiding.

But none of that is stopped George Papadoupolos from writing books, doing the lecture circuit, and now running for office. Since the controversy over Katie Hill’s sexual misconduct erupted, culminating in her resignation, Papadoupolis has been hinting at a run for Congress.

Hill tendered her resignation on Sunday amid accusations that she had ongoing affairs with campaign and congressional staffers. Intimate photos of Hill, nude, brushing the hair of a female staffer were found and details of her relationships, including a ‘throuple, commonly known as a threesome with another man and her husband, have been made public. Hill and her husband are now in the midst of a divorce. Hill admitted to having the relationship with her campaign staffer, but she vehemently denies having one with her congressional staffer. The House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation into the allegations.

Papadoupolis has now filed to run for Katie Hill’s seat in Congress, running as a Republican. He practically announced it on several of his social media accounts, soon after retweeting a photo of himself standing in front of a podium and flanked by flags of the U.S. and California. The photo was taken by his wife, Simona.

Papadoupolis himself states more will be forthcoming on the possible congressional run in his home state of California.

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