Virginia Senator Warns of Imminent “Set-Up” of 2A Supporters at Rally

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (R) is warning the public that there is reason to believe the the Governor and the liberal-led government of Virginia plans to use the Patriot Act to label 2A supporters as ‘domestic terrorists.’ The Senator aired her concerns on Friday in a Facebook post, where she called the plot a ‘set up.’

Chase commented that the governor may use the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act to label anyone exhibit ‘militant behavior, such as wearing military garb or clothing with militia insignia as a potential domestic terror threat.

There has also been confirmation that Antifa members will be out at the pro-gun rights rally, which is set to take place from 11-12 in Richmond. Some reports state that Antifa is aligned with 2A advocates and will be out in force is opposition to the proposed gun laws.

However, the talk on the street is that Antifa plans to dress as 2A advocates and instigate violence against other Antifa, thus bolstering the Governor Northam’s beliefs that the 2A protestors are a danger.

Northam has declared a state of emergency and has deemed the area around the Virginia Capitol grounds to be a gun-free zone during the rally. Senator Chase released video instructions for those planning to attend the rally. Here is her personal message for those interested in exercising their constitutional rights to bear arms at the rally.

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