Journalist Surveilled While Investigating Deep State Spying

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Award winning investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson has written many stories on deep state surveillance of American citizens.  In a recent interview with Mike Huckabee, she revealed the shocking details of how she herself was spied on by our government. Attkisson said that an intelligence source told her that she was likely being surveilled, because of the government watchdog reporting she was doing.

Attkisson hired intelligence forensic specialists to check all of her devices, cell phones, tablets and computers.  The intel experts found a long-term history of surveillance that utilized government spyware.  In addition, government IP addresses were linked to the spyware. At the time, Attkisson was working for CBS.  The software was designed to break into the CBS computer system and to monitor Attkissons key strokes. Highly classified documents were also found planted on her devices. The forensic investigation was able to identify times and dates of when these surveillance efforts occurred.

When asked by Huckabee why there was no public outcry by Attkisson’s media colleagues over the obvious “shredding of the First Amendment of the Constitution” with regard to freedom of the press.  Attkisson postulated that the “shenanigans” of 2016 by the intelligence community wasn’t actually about their hate for Donald Trump.  Rather it was a total panic over the possibility of an establishment outsider coming in and cleaning up these types of intelligence abuses.

When asked about spying on the Trump campaign and presidency, Attkisson replied that there were two possibilities.  “Either they thought Donald Trump and his associates were actually Russian agents, which Robert Mueller said isn’t true, or that they were entirely misguided and lacking in judgement, leading our intel agencies and yet distracted by these crazy tin foil hat…conspiracy theories…that proved to be incorrect, OR there was corruption involved.”  It remains to be seen which of these possibilities is the truth. 

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