Anti-Trump Tweeters Permanently Booted From the Nest

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Yesterday, prolific tweeters Brian and Ed Krassenstein were banned for life from the platform for allegedly operating fake accounts and trying to buy clout. The two brothers then took to The Hill Reporter to plead their innocence and mount a defense, which relied in part on their past enthusiasm for the Ouya.

The Ouya was an Android-based video game console shaped like a metal cube that raised $8,596,475 on Kickstarter in 2012 but years later ended up a massive failure.

As for the Krassensteins, they’ve been ubiquitous presences in the mentions of President Trump’s Tweets. The Krassenstein twins rose to prominence on the social media platform by quickly responding to Donald Trump’s tweets with timeless dunks like, “Three weeks ago you told us that Isis was defeated in Syria. What happened?”

They’ve occasionally tried to spin this popularity into gold, most notably by selling a children’s book about the Robert Mueller investigation which featured the former Special Counsel as a super buff, shirtless cartoon character. But something about the pair’s popularity never quite added up. Now, according to Twitter, that’s because it was mostly a scam, a characterization the two rejected in an op-ed posted to their news blog late yesterday. Twitter claims the duo operated “multiple fake accounts” and purchased account interactions. “Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service,” the platform said in a statement.

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