Hillary Clinton Set to Give Keynote Address at Cybersecurity Conference

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Maybe they just wanted people to notice that this event was happening. That’s the only thing I can come up with.  They were huddled around a table, frustrated that no one seemed to care about their ‘cyber security summit,’ and they thought: “Let’s do the most insane thing we can think of, just so people will realize we’re here.”

Thus, Hillary Clinton was tapped to keynote the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit 2019.

I guess, if they only after attention, it worked. It may not be the kind of spotlight they wanted, but people have noticed…. And virtually the whole world thinks this is hilarious:


I’m not going to waste time explaining the irony here. We all know why this is funny. That Hillary Clinton – a woman synonymous with Bleachbit, hammering cell phones, and poorly-secured secret servers – is going to appear at a cyber security event ishilarious. If you wanted the perfect way to sum up the Democratic Party in 2019, this might be it.

It’s like having Bill Clinton keynote an abstinence conference.

It’s like having John Edwards keynote an ethics conference.

It’s like having Ilhan Omar keynote the AIPAC conference.

It’s like having Michael Moore keynote CPAC.

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