Rep. Jim Jordan Claims House is Engaged in Impeachment Hearings

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Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) says that House democrats are already holding hearings for the impeachment of Donald Trump. In an on air interview with Fox and Friends he said:

They’re going to keep doing impeachment hearings, even though they won’t officially call it that. Like we’re doing today in the Judiciary Committee.

They’re going to keep doing that even though Bob Mueller spent 22 months, $30 million, 19 lawyers — most of them Democrats, 40 FBI agents, 500 subpoenas, or witnesses, 2,800 subpoenas on the investigation and he concluded there was nothing there.

Even after countless hours of investigation, which have found no substantial evidence of wrong-doing by Trump, the democrats continue digging and wasting taxpayer dollars. Currently 73 Democrats and a single Republican have signaled support for impeachment or an inquiry into impeachment of the President for potential obstruction of justice.

Source: NPR

Of those calling for impeachment, none are up for re-election in 2020. Additional, none are part of the Democrat House Leadership, although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to dance around the issue.

A full list of those for impeachment can be found here.

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