High School Track Athlete Files Title IX Complaint Over Transgender Participation in Women’s Sports

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Selina Soule and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Christiana Holcomb joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss Soule’s effort to fight back against two transgender athletes who totally dominated the track events causing Soule to lose out on recognition as a star athlete. Attorney Christiana Holcomb said that the ADF is filing a Title IX complaint on behalf of Soule and other athletes suffering from similar circumstances.

Two biological male students competed in high school track events as transgender women shattering all records that had been made over the years. Soule missed out on participating in the New England Regionals because the two transgender athletes took the two top spots.

The video below is one example of a high school track athlete’s life after transgender females joined their sport.

Selina speaks about how two places were taken by transgender athletes where female athletes would have been included.

Selina came in 8th instead of 6th because of the two athletes killing her dream.

She points out that the recruiters only see the times of races and recruit the transgender athletes over the female athletes.

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