Tufts University Plans To Paint Over Mural Depicting Only Caucasians

Tufts University has announced its plans to remove a historical mural from campus because it does not depict any nonwhite people.

The decision was made public in a news release which explained that the imagery “undermines its values of diversity and inclusion.”

Alumnae Lounge, a popular meeting space at the campus, has several murals which are said to depict the university’s history. According to the university, however, “the murals tell an incomplete story about the origins and growth of Tufts.”

“There is not a single image of a person of color, for example, despite the fact that black students were enrolled at Tufts as early as the late nineteenth century, according to university archives,” the Tufts press release explains.

According to a senior vice president at the university, students are uncomfortable in the space. Students have gone so far as to say they feel excluded in Alumnae Lounge and don’t want to attend awards ceremonies there.

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