Incoming Texas University Freshmen Threatened With Doxxing If Conservative

University of Texas incoming freshmen who are interested in joining one of the two conservative groups on campus are being met with social media threats by a far left wing group.

In a series of tweets, the Autonomous Student Network posted on Twitter that they would broadcast personal information of any incoming freshman who joins either the Young Conservatives of Texas or Turning Point USA.

This practice is commonly known as doxxing.

Benjamin Larrabee is the South Central General Manager for Turning Point USA, meaning he keeps in contact with the members there. He says members are worried after these tweets were posted.

‚ÄúStudents can’t go to class, can’t go to college, can’t even go to a university group to express different ideas, to debate, to reason without being threatened by groups like this,” Larrabee said.

These threats surfaced just days before Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 18 into law, which protects 1st Amendment rights on college campuses.

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