“Jane Doe 103” Describes Grooming By Jeffrey Epstein

Like most of the girls exposed to Jeffrey Epstein’s predation, “Jane Doe 103” was introduced to the sex offender through an illicit bounty program run from the tycoon’s Palm Beach, Florida mansion.

While working one weekend at a mall across from the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, Doe was approached by a fellow student from Royal Palm Beach High School, a feeder for Epstein’s underage massage corps. The other girl, who worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, had a proposition.

The teen told Doe, who was 16 at the time, that she could earn $200 by simply giving Epstein a brief massage at his Palm Beach residence. Doe’s friend noted that the massage would have to be performed naked or in some state of undress. In return for delivering Epstein a fresh face, the girl would pocket a $200 finder’s fee.

Doe’s acquaintance would later tell cops that she was introduced to Epstein by a classmate named Haley Robson, and would end up going to Epstein’s home “numerous times.” During those 

visits–which began when she was 16–the girl said that she was paid for “more than a massage,” telling police that Epstein would rub a “vibrator/massager on her vaginal area as he would masturbate” while laying on a massage table in the master bathroom.

Robson, who procured many girls for Epstein, compared herself to Heidi Fleiss while speaking with police. She claimed that every teen she delivered to Epstein’s home knew what to expect, saying, “They were told they would provide a massage, possibly naked, and some touching.” During a recorded call with Robson, a 14-year-old girl–who got $300 for massaging Epstein while wearing only thong panties– asked how she could make more money. Robson replied, “The more you do, the more you get paid.”  

In a sworn interview with Palm Beach Police Department detectives, Doe said that she agreed to massage Epstein since she “could make $200 for only 30 minutes of work.” Her classmate set up a massage appointment for later that day, and accompanied Doe to Epstein’s waterfront residence, where Doe was introduced to Sarah Kellen, one of the financier’s assistants.

Doe’s sexual encounter that day with Epstein was the first of many that occurred over a 17-month period ending in mid-2005. Doe said she would be summoned to the gated Palm Beach property whenever Epstein was in town, telling police that she visited the property “hundreds of times.” Doe initially said that she was 16 when she first met Epstein, though a lawsuit she later filed estimated that “when she was lured into [Epstein’s] sexually exploitative world,” she had just turned 17.

No victim is better positioned to detail for a jury what went on in the sex offender’s Florida home during the three-year span covered by the Epstein sex trafficking indictment than “Jane Doe 103.” Now 32, she was once such an Epstein regular, the victim told police, that she considered herself his “Number One girl.”

The Palm Beach Residence

Many of Doe’s allegations have been corroborated by other witnesses, evidence seized during a search of Epstein’s Palm Beach home, and documents cops found in Epstein’s garbage during multiple covert “trash pulls.” Her name and home phone number also appear in the “black book” Epstein used to store contact information for his famous friends and the dozens of masseuses who would tend to him in New York, Paris, Palm Beach, and on his private Caribbean island.

While it seems likely that the case will expand to include additional victims–and other jurisdictions in which assaults allegedly transpired–for now Epstein is accused of sexually abusing three minors–two in Palm Beach and one in New York City. Epstein’s indictment alleges that he began recruiting girls to engage in sex acts “at least in or about 2002, up to and including in or about 2005.”

Epstein, who has been locked up since his July 6 arrest at a New Jersey airport, is scheduled today for a bail hearing in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. 

Robert Josefsberg, the court-appointed lawyer who represented Doe and 15 other women identified by federal prosecutors as Epstein victims, declined comment when asked whether any of his clients were cooperating with federal investigators in the Southern District of New York, where the Epstein charges were filed earlier this month. Additionally, Josefsberg said he did not know whether any of his clients were the Palm Beach victims referred to in the charging document.

Doe spent more time with Epstein than any other teenage victim during the 2002-2005 period cited in the indictment.

Prince William with alleged sex slave.

In fact, she seemed to be a replacement of sorts for Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who fled from Epstein in late-2002 when she was 19. Giuffre alleges that she began engaging in sexual activity with Epstein when she was 15, and would eventually become his “sex slave” and get pimped out to the mogul’s friends and business associates, like lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew (both of whom deny her claims). Giuffre, a Josefsberg client, was initially identified as “Jane Doe 102” in civil litigation, but she subsequently shed her anonymity in news interviews. She is pictured at right with Prince Andrew.

This account of Doe’s involvement with Epstein is based on graphic Palm Beach Police Department reports, other law enforcement records, and the civil complaint she filed against Epstein in 2010. Within three months of that lawsuit being docketed, Epstein entered into a confidential financial settlement with the plaintiff. While police records refer to the victim by her initials, the lawsuit identifies her only as “Jane Doe 103.”

The original Epstein investigation began in March 2005 after a 14-year-old girl reported to police that Epstein touched her with a purple vibrator as she gave him a topless massage in the Palm Beach home. The teenager–who immediately identified Epstein when presented with a police photo array–told investigators that she thought he was on steroids because he was a “really built guy and his wee wee was very tiny.”

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