Hispanic Caucus Blames Trump for Saving Unborn Immigrant Babies

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is attacking President Donald Trump, blaming him for “fear-mongering” that is causing illegal alien women to cancel their abortions.

A recent report by Buzzfeed News detailed how illegal alien women across the southwest are canceling or skipping out on their abortion procedures for fear of being deported from the U.S.

Buzzfeed reporters spoke to executives at four abortion clinics, writing that obtaining an abortion for an illegal alien woman is “even more frightening and challenging when you have to cross state lines knowing ICE officers are being stationed on streets and highways.”

In response, the Hispanic Caucus posted online their outrage that the threat of deportation is causing illegal alien women to cancel their abortions.

“Trump’s fear-mongering is causing women across the southwest to miss necessary appointments out of fear of encountering ICE & being deported,” Hispanic Caucus leaders posted. “These vulnerable women shouldn’t have to live like this — women should be able to go to the doctor without fearing deportation.”

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