Environmental Activists Superglue Themselves To Capitol Building in Protest

A group of environmental activists on Tuesday took a novel approach to calling for congressional action on climate change — by supergluing themselves to the walls of a Capitol tunnel.

Some of the protesters were draped in bright yellow police tape, while others were wearing placards reading, “Due to the climate emergency, Congress is shut down until sufficient action is taken to address the crisis.”

A total of about 16 activists had used Gorilla Glue to fasten their hands to the doorjambs of a tunnel connecting the Capitol to the House office buildings, according to a participant who declined to give his full name. Another 15 people or so were helping out, he said.

“We’re blocking this doorway because Congress isn’t taking the climate crisis seriously,” one activist told passersby, according to a video of the protest posted online by Extinction Rebellion, the group organizing the demonstration.

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