Candidates from Rashida Tlaib’s ‘Home’ District Call for Investigation of Allegations That She Lied

Candidates in Michigan for the U.S. House of Representatives are calling for Congress to formally censure Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib after her father exposed her for lying about her address to register to vote and to run for office, allowing Tlaib to represent an inner city Detroit state House district even though she lived in the suburb of Dearborn.

“She lied big-time to get elected. I never teach her that way. I teach her the right way. It’s my house. She didn’t live there. She lived in Dearborn in her house with her husband and boy,” Tlaib’s father Harbi Elabed told reporter Charlie LeDuff of the Detroit News in 2010.

Tlaib used her father’s address on her affidavit to run for the 12th District state House seat, formerly held by her political mentor Steve Tobocman, for whom she worked as an aide, in 2008, and on her voter registration in March 2008.

Michigan state representative James Lower, a Republican challenging Rep. Justin Amash in the primary for Amash’s U.S. House seat, told The Epoch Times exclusively that Tlaib can be formally censured by Congress, and that the U.S. House must act.

“It’s clear from her father’s statements that U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib lied about where she lived to run for State Representative in Michigan. Instead of wasting more time investigating President Trump, the U.S. House of Representatives should investigate these allegations of voter fraud committed by Rashida Tlaib and formally censure her for this illegal conduct and her anti-Semitic statements,” Lower said.

“It’s very ironic that Congresswoman Tlaib wants to impeach President Trump for allegations of Russian collusion that he has been cleared of, yet she herself is actually guilty of voter fraud according to her own father,” Lower added.

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