DNC’s ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ Lawsuit Dismissed by NY Judge

A New York district judge has thrown the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks out of court, declaring the case has “fundamental defects.”

The DNC was suing members of the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, accusing them of conspiring with Russian hackers to steal and publish emails from the party’s computer systems.“

The DNC has now had three chances to plead a viable complaint and it is not clear how the DNC could plead around the fundamental defects in the current complaint,” Judge John Koeltl said in his decision.

“Wow!” President Donald Trump said on Twitter in response to the news. “A federal Judge in the Southern District of N.Y. completely dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democratic National Committee against our historic 2016 campaign for President,” he continues.”The Judge said the DNC case was ‘entirely divorced’ from the facts, yet another total & complete vindication & exoneration from the Russian, WikiLeaks and every other form of HOAX perpetrated by the DNC, Radical Democrats, and others.

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